Problems of couple

Problemas de pareja
The problems of couple are one of the problematic more usual in surgery.

It affects to the daily life of the couple, familiar relations, social life, economy..., appearing also emotional disorders.
Explanatory models of the problems of couple:

1- The shortage of positive exchanges and the increase of the negative will do to reduce the degree of appeal that feel did the couple ( Stuart, 1969).

2- In addition to the anterior point, the couples also differentiate in his capacity in front of the resolution of problems, no in that have pretty much problems, but in as they face them and solve.

3- In a relation of couple, both members have to give and receive pretty much equally, when one gives more than what receives the relation goes fraying.

Together with the problems of couple can appear other disorders:

1- sexual Disorders: it can be that they are the cause of the problems or the consequence.

2- Depression: it can be that the depression was the cause or the consequence of the problems.

3- Anxiety: it can be that the anxiety was the cause or the consequence of the problems.

4- Addictions: it can be that an addiction was the cause of the problems.

5- Disorders of personality: it can be that there is algun disorder of personality or  determinate shots of personality elevated, that was the cause of the problem (dependent, narcissistic, paranoide...)

In surgery work jointly (with both members) the appearances of his relation that need improve, can be:
Coaching in resolution of problems

Expression of feelings

Positive exchanges

Social skills ...

And it works separately the problems coexistentes that can have: depression, anxiety, low self-esteem...

When go to therapy of couple:

When the relation is frayed, decayed but no broken, and the two parts have a commitment of change, well is true that many times is one the one who is more involved, is the one who decides to ask date, but when they come to surgery the one who is not so convinced finishes assuming his commitment for the change.

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